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Cedar Point's Midway Game Nite Mystery Tee Game Nite Box

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Introducing Cedar Point’s First Virtual Midway Game Nite

A new way to play! Test your wits and knowledge in this one-of-a-kind REMOTE game show experience created for Cedar Point fans, with appearances by Cedar Point’s Tony Clark and hosted by interactive virtual game show masters Two Bit Circus.

Sales for this event night end on April 6, 2023. By signing up, you'll be automatically added to the April 13 event (Team Maverick). 

Choose your t-shirt size, but the one you'll get will be a surprise! Limited quantities available!

With your admission to Midway Game Nite, you’ll get:

  • Access to the 1-hour online game show experience featuring a fun and fast mix of game mechanics including: multiple choice trivia, guess the number, wagering, write in your own answers, and more! (You may even be able to win some exclusive prizes!). With appearances by Tony Clark and hosted by Two Bit Circus
  • The exclusive Game Nite FUN Box filled with goodies including:
    • A Cedar Point team T-shirt inspired by Cedar Point’s iconic attractions – because teamwork makes the dream work (but we won’t blame you for getting a little competitive…)
    • The Wild Mouse Mini Coaster Cutout Model (Wild Mouse features six mouse-themed cars and one cheese-themed car….it’s a surprise which one you’ll get!) Click here to find out more about the upcoming Wild Mouse launch at Cedar Point! 
    • Midway Concessions Butter Flavored Popcorn – brain fuel for the challenging game show or just something delicious to munch on
    • A bottle of Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous Boysenberry Punch Concentrate – perfect for a couple of refreshing Game Nite beverage. Think Boysenberry Margarita, Boysenberry Spritzer, Boysenberry Sangria, or Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous Boysenberry Punch…whatever sounds just right for you! (Easy recipes included)
    • A $10 Cedar Point Gift Card – a little something to take with you on your next visit to the park

How It Works:

Purchase this box as your admission into the Midway Game Nite, a one-hour online trivia event featuring an array of themes of topics from Cedar Point Trivia, Pop Culture, Current Events, and more! (Pssst…make sure you purchase the box that is assigned to the date you want to join or the team you want to be on!)

3-5 days before your event, you’ll receive your Game Nite FUN Box.

You will receive the event link and password 24-48 hours prior to your chosen event. On Game Nite, you will click on the active event link and join in on the FUN!  

The top performers will be invited back to a championship round on April 20, 2023 to win exciting prizes.

About Two Bit Circus:

The exact origin of Two Bit Circus is unknown, but clues abound. Some say it was put here as a social experiment by time travelers from the future. Others insist it’s been created by robots. Perhaps the most popular theory is that an inspired band of mad scientists, roboticists, visual artists and storytellers somehow came together to weave multiple disciplines into the coolest entertainment venue ever. Whatever you believe, you’ll discover an unforgettable interactive digital playground of amusement for all ages. Now you have the chance to experience Two Bit Circus Remote with Cedar Point. Be competitive from your couch!

 Note: images of game are examples of questions and not actual questions coming in the game.